Monday, May 26, 2014

Roseway Intersection

Here's another of Portland's painted intersections, located at NE 77th & Beech, a few blocks south of Sandy Boulevard. A City Repair project page for it calls it "Roseway Intersection" (Roseway being the surrounding neighborhood), and describes the design:

The first of hopefully many Roseway projects to come! Our intersection is located on 77th and Beech, a soon to be developed Neighborhood Greenway (Bike Boulevard). We will paint a street graphic on the intersection to create a new com- munity space. The design represents the art-deco era of the houses and buildings in our neighborhood and, of course, the many roses of Roseway!

A neighborhood association bulletin reports this intersection was first painted in June 2012. I didn't realize it was an Art Deco rose design when I took the photos, so they aren't all facing right side up. Feel free to rotate your monitor as needed.

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