Tuesday, January 28, 2014

garage art, nw 13th & glisan

A while back, I was putting together a blog post about Urban Arrangements, the metal art on the otherwise blank walls of the downtown Nordstrom store. I was poking around the artist's website, looking at other things he'd done, and one photo looked rather familiar. It, and the photos here, are from the Chown Pella Lofts building at NW 13th & Glisan; the building has semi-underground parking, with open mesh windows on the Glisan side. It would probably be rather ugly if it didn't have this series of cheerful metal designs on the outside of the windows. I haven't found anything mentioning a name for the window art, and maybe there isn't one. But I've always kind of liked this one, and I figured I'd pass it along even if I didn't have any interesting trivia to share about it.

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