Monday, December 24, 2012

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle

Some photos of Friendship Circle, the sculpture at the far north end of Portland's Waterfront Park. It's yet another local piece by Lee Kelly, the guy behind Leland One (aka Rusting Chunks No. 5), this time in collaboration with a composer. The sculpture commemorates Portland's longstanding sister city relationship with Sapporo, Japan, and it (supposedly) plays a 35 minute musical piece we're told was inspired by Asian temple music. As far as I can recall I've never actually heard this music, and I've been around the thing more than a few times. So all I can really say is that multiple sources insist it does this from time to time.

Friendship Circle

If you're looking at it and thinking, jeebus, this is one phallic-looking piece of art, you'll be pleased to know you aren't alone. The blog Culture Shock compiled a list of sorta-suggestive public artworks back in 2009, and this is #2 on the list. Also listed are Pod, aka "Satan's Testicle", Tikitotmoniki from the Pearl District, and Stack Stalk reppin' for the eastside. We've probably acquired a few more of these bad boys since that post went up, given that public art commissions still mostly go to male artists.

Friendship Circle Friendship Circle Friendship Circle

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Max said...

It sounds like a tambourine - a periodic bang starting out slow (~1 per sec), and then getting faster and faster until it suddenly stops. The performance lasts about 30 seconds.

I think it has been broken for several years though.

Also: The article from the Tribute says there are only 2 other musical sculptures, but they failed to mention the most obvious one in Portland's living room.