Sunday, August 26, 2012

Detroit-Superior Bridge, Cleveland

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Here's a Flickr slideshow about Cleveland's Detroit-Superior Bridge, taken back in March of this year. I may have mentioned this before, but Cleveland is a great place to wander around taking photos of bridges. Actually it's a great place, period, and it happens to have a lot of photogenic bridges. Hence the fact that I spent most of a freezing March day wandering around town mostly taking bridge photos.

One cool detail is that the bridge has a lower deck that was once used for streetcars, before the system was abandoned in the 1950s. The city allows occasional public tours of the otherwise unused space. An even cooler thing (if you ask me) would be if someday they brought streetcars back to Cleveland and put the lower deck back in service for its intended purpose.

Cleveland bridges fall into two basic categories, "high level" and "low level". High bridges connect Downtown Cleveland with the Ohio City area on the west bank of the meandering Cuyahoga River. Low bridges connect the mostly-industrial Flats areas immediately on either side of the river. This is a high level bridge, obviously; less obvious from the Google Map is that there's a low level bridge directly beneath this one, the swing-span Center St. Bridge. Which I'm pretty sure I'll do a separate blog post about sooner or later, since I have photos of it and all.

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