Friday, July 20, 2012

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St. Francis & Ravens, Linfield Portland campus, NW Portland Art at Linfield Portland campus, NW Portland

From the archives, photos of various sculptures on the Portland mini-campus of Linfield College, at NW 22nd & Northrup. I haven't been able to find any info about any of these pieces, so I can't do the usual "who made it, what else did they make, what's this all about" stuff I usually do with public art posts. If you're interested in seeing them, be aware that the bear and the shiny abstract thingy are in the sunken courtyard behind the St. Francis & ravens sculpture, so they aren't visible from the street. Or at least that's where everything was in 2007 when I took these photos. I admit I haven't checked more recently than that.

Updated: The St. Francis one is "St. Francis and His Friends", by Berthold Tex Schiwetz, which I bumped into by browsing the Smithsonian Art Inventory of "all" outdoor art in Portland. Don't tell me I don't do the heavy lifting for you guys, ok?

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Quentin1 said...

Let me know if you learn. These have been there since I came to Good Sam in 1980. This was the Good Sam School of nursing campus before Linfield took it over.
I love the St Francis