Friday, June 15, 2012

Roselawn Park expedition

Roselawn Park
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Couple of boring photos of NE Portland's tiny Roselawn Park, at the corner of NE 13th & Roselawn, hence the name. The official photo on the city parks site is just as boring as these, and says nothing about the place except the location and standard operating hours. Which makes sense as there really isn't much here. The park's landscaped as if there ought to be something here, but at the present time it's just a bit of grass, some roses, and a mural on the side of an adjoining house that may or may not be part of the park, officially.

Roselawn Park

I stopped by on the same day I visited Sumner-Albina Park, making a swing through and visiting a bunch of tiny city parks in that part of town and taking photos for blog posts like the one you're reading right now. Roselawn Park is probably the least impressive of the lot, and there are close to zero mentions of it anywhere on the net, or so sayeth Google. Although the one Yelp review of the park tells the story of rescuing a sick, abandoned cat here. So three cheers for Roselawn Park just on the strength of that alone.

Roselawn Park

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Lucas Gray said...

I'm working on developing a plan to revitalize Roselawn Park to make it a great asset for the community. If anyone is interested in getting involved in the redesign of this park please get in touch.

Lucas Gray