Friday, July 01, 2011


This is just a video voyage through a carwash, taken earlier today. I kind of like the abstract quality the clip has, plus I've been procrastinating about washing the car for months now, so I'm kind of saying "Hey, look what I just did" by posting this, as unimpressive a feat as it might be. In my defense, there's really no point in washing a car while we're getting an inch of rain every day, which is most of the year. Furthermore, I also don't drive a lot, and I only remember how dirty the car is when I'm driving and trying to see out the windshield. Also, driving a clean shiny car is simply not the way of software engineers. It would be like wearing a suit to work or something. In short, the whole carwash thing is almost certainly a much bigger deal to me than it is to any of you out there.

Since you're here already, let me direct your attention to the Wikipedia article for "Car Wash", which includes a bit of history and explains briefly how automatic car washes work. For more gory details, there's a rather comprehensive HowStuffWorks article that explains the whole process in depth, with lots of photos. In case you've ever wondered what all the stuff spraying and flapping around is for, I mean. Oh, and here's a History Channel video with some vintage video clips and so forth. It's only about six minutes long, so I guess the History Channel just didn't have time to explain how car wash technology is connected to Hitler, UFOs, and Bigfoot. If they don't already have a multi-hour special on the topic, it's probably only a matter of time.

Anyway, the car's clean now. So now let's sit back and watch it rain nonstop for a few months.

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