Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the portland, honolulu

the portland, honolulu

the portland, honolulu

Couple of photos of Honolulu's Portland Building. The name surprises me, and I've yet to determine whether it refers to our Portland, or to some other place, company, person, or thing. A survey of historic buildings of Hawaii mentions it briefly:

Portland Building-Constructed in 1903 at South Hotel and Union Mall in Honolulu, in the architectural style of the the Portland Building is the Late Victorian period.

Oregon has a handful of Hawaiian place names, including the Portland suburb of Aloha, and the Owyhee River in the far SE corner of the state. So I suppose it's not unreasonable to have something in Hawaii named after something in Oregon. Still seems peculiar, though.


E.H. said...

That's interesting. I just read "Unfamiliar Fishes" and it makes me wonder what exactly the Portland connection might be! (Or if it's for Maine, given the number of Congregationalists who were missionaries in Hawaii.)

Robert Wells said...

Just to the right of that picture, there is a panel with the name "OREGON," so as to end any mystery about which Portland. I am trying to find out more about this building.