Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'd forgotten what shadows look like #pdx on Twitpic Mmm... Garlic... on Twitpic Not sure what the point of this was, but it was expensive. on Twitpic

So I've got this shiny new phone, and I've only just figured out how to post photos straight to Twitpic. Said photos are then tweeted automagically, which is a handy trick. I, uh, ran a little wild with that today, and here's the damage so far. As far as I know, Twitpic only gives you embeddable html for 150x150 thumbnails, but they're supposed to link to the full-sized originals. So we'll see how that turns out. (Also, here's a link to my Twitpic profile, if you want to browse 'em all for some reason.) (Oh, and my Yfrog one is here. I went back & forth between them until I had a phone that did Instagram.

Love joy Fountain again on Twitpic Love joy Fountain on Twitpic greenery... on Twitpic

I've also got an app that posts to Flickr, which is where the other few thousand of my photos live, so that's nice. What I'd really like to do, though, is post one or more photos to Flickr and have them auto-posted here. Geotags and all, if possible. And the same with YouTube videos, ideally. That's the, well, I hesitate to call it a "workflow", but it's the sequence of events I'd like to occur on my behalf. That's got to exist somewhere already, right? I don't seriously have to write a tool for that myself, do I?

Reflecty... on Twitpic Nice outside... on Twitpic More blue sky!! on Twitpic
Behold:  A little blue sky! on Twitpic Behold:  Rusting Chunks No. 5 on Twitpic

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