Friday, March 05, 2010

...wherein I get with the program, already...

So last night I finally updated this humble blog to New Blogger, using the template tweaks I tested out over on cyclotram beta. It's supposed to look as much like the Old Blogger template as possible, since I rather liked that look and spent a lot of time tinkering with it.

Couple of things that still aren't quite ideal:
  • The old template had a bit of script magic that made Link Tree sections collapsable. I didn't even try to carry that over to here. I always suspected it made pages load slowly. Well, that plus all the photos. Anyway, I still kind of like the idea and it may come back if I run across (or code up) a natively New Blogger approach, at some point.
  • I might also change the name "Link Tree", since it isn't really a tree, is it? "Links" is too generic, and "Blogroll" is sooo 2003, and no other options spring immediately to mind. Suggestions, anyone?
  • A neat thing about New Blogger is that you can add easily add "widgets" to your blog layout. I went wild, by my standards, and added two. Srsly! Scroll down the page & see for yourself.
  • One is the "Followers" widget that Google really wants everyone to be using. It doesn't quite look right though; I need to figure out how to change its font & font color, for one thing. The main reason it looks kind of weird, though, is that I have exactly 5 followers right now, and they look really lonely there in that big blue box. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Gentle Reader(s). Hint, hint.
  • The other new widget is the official Twitter widget, so you can track my every inane and mundane utterance in quasi-realtime without ever leaving here. The colors are about right on this widget, but it's not picking up on my custom font madness, so I need to see if I can tweak that too.
  • I currently have Flickr & non-Widget widgets carried over from the old template, so those may be candidates for replacement with proper widgets. So long as those widgets don't suck, obviously.

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