Monday, December 14, 2009

fountain, pioneer place

So here's a cheesy, amateurish video clip of the fountain in the Pioneer Place food court. I normally wouldn't bother including mall food court fountain in the ongoing fountain project, except that a.) I just got a shiny new 5th generation iPod nano with the builtin video camera -- for free, no less -- and I wanted to try out the video feature; and b.) I happened to be in the mall food court anyway due to a strange hankering for sleazy greasy food court Chinese food. If you're ever in the mood for that, Pioneer Place is where you want to go. There's one official Chinese place, and several others are thinly veiled Chinese, including the allegedly Greek and Cajun ones. If you want Orange Chicken, you go to the regular Chinese place, but if you'd rather have Lemon Chicken, you go across the food court to the Greek place. Apparently they all have the same parent company, which I guess explains the similarities, but it's still kind of weird.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, I ran across this photo of the fountain, and a recent video that's remarkably similar to mine, although shot from the other side of the fountain. There's even a Pioneer Place Flickr pool, if you can believe that (although there's only one member, so I don't know if it really counts as a pool or not). There's bound to be more stuff out there, but this is all the searching I'm inclined to do right now.

Btw, my fortune cookie read "YOU WILL SOON BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION". Call me antisocial if you like, but that sounds kind of ominous, if you ask me. I mean, unless this clip here becomes the next inexplicable viral video, which I wouldn't bet on. I'm not a superstitious person by any means, but when I can I like to take two fortune cookies. That way they cancel each other out, and you get your free will back. I mean, I don't seriously believe that, but I think a little play-superstition is ok if it means you get an extra fortune cookie.

Mmmm.... fortune cookies....

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