Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kelly Butte, July '09

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A few more photos from Kelly Butte, a place I've already covered in detail here, here, and here. I went back to take another look at the place, because a.) a couple of commenters had mentioned that the city was doing some serious earth moving around the entrance to the old nuclear bunker, and b.) I had a better camera this time.

Sure enough, now there's a huge pile of dirt bulldozed in front of the bunker entrance. I know my earlier Kelly Butte posts have gotten repeated visits from city hall IP addresses, so I've occasionally wondered whether I helped cause all this bulldozing. There's a certain feeling of power in that, although all things considered I'd really rather use my amazing blogo-powers for good. When I argued the city ought to take more of an interest in the place, burying the bunker under a big ugly pile of dirt wasn't what I had in mind.

A couple of weeks after I visited, there was a large fire on the butte, supposedly started by transients. It wasn't clear from the news whether this area was affected or not. I suppose I'd have to go back yet again to find out.

Btw, I was poking around on Flickr and noticed a few other people had Kelly Butte photosets up, so check out these photos from mumblion, jordan_n22, and sukonachi. The last set has a few cool photos from before the bulldozers showed up, and one of the old radio tower that used to be here.

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