Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of beer & novocaine

Spent all morning in one stressful meeting after another, while attempting to fix a bug or two between meetings. And then I spent all afternoon at the dentist. Oh, and I paid taxes today too. I got the full combo today, basically. So now I'm at Tugboat, trying to figure out how to drink beer with a numb upper lip. You get the hang of it eventually. This will come in handy in the future, as I'll be seeing a lot of my dentist going forward.

On the bright side, I can still *taste* the beer, and I'm not dribbling all that much of it, really. And now I can smile again without being all self-conscious about it. So even with the meetings and the taxes and the numbness and the stress -- and the crappy weather for that matter -- despite all of that, it's a beautiful day.

Perhaps you'd like to hear my funny novocaine story, while I'm at it. Back when I was 12 or so, I was having work done in preparation for getting braces a couple of years later on. Had to have a couple of teeth pulled to make room for the others, which required a lot of novocaine. For some reason, we went to the library right after that. So I was sitting in an aisle, reading a book, not noticing what a pitiful drool creature I was. I realized I wasn't alone. I looked up and noticed a mother and child staring at me. Mom to child: "He can't help it, some people are just born that way." Offended, I tried to explain that I'd just been to the dentist, and had never ridden a single short bus in my entire life, and in fact I was in the middle of a fascinating book on astrophysics (seriously) when I was so rudely interrupted, etc. Which came out as "uuugh glurrrgh (drool) mwwghh".

They fled.

So all things considered, my immediate "drinking problem" is really not so bad.

Mmmwghhh.... beeeerrr....

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