Monday, September 22, 2008

back from vacation, sadly

So I'm back from a much-needed and all too short vacation. Which explains the lack of posts here over the last week, on the heels of the previous week's flood of posts. You might've been wondering, idly, what the deal was with all those posts. And it's true, there was a reason for those beyond just being interested in bridges and whatnot, and I may post about that soon. But not right now.

Anyway, I thought about maybe doing the moblog thing from the beach again, but I just sort of didn't feel like it, so I didn't. It wasn't a huge trip; we just headed out to the beach for a few days and didn't do much. But that was just what I needed. We made the rounds of the local used book stores (of which there are many) and bought a bunch of cheesy 80's fantasy and SF novels, hung out on our balcony reading & watching the ocean, hung out in the hotel bar drinking tacky fluorescent drinks with parasols, bought a few tacky tourist souvenirs, made the rounds of the local brewpubs (of which there are many), oh, and walked on the beach a little. It was wonderful. I have a bunch of vacation photos, naturally, and I'm sure I'll get around to posting a few sooner or later.

Right now, though, I ought to try to get back to work. I find I've almost forgotten how to do this "daily grind" thing. It's a nice feeling, really...

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