Tuesday, July 22, 2008

multi-floral holding pattern

geranium buds

Blah, blah, more flowers today, blah blah, nothing much to say about them, or anything else for that matter, blah blah, same as it ever was...

I really ought to be focusing on those posts glaring at me from the drafts folder, but tomorrow seems like just as good a time for that as today does.

flowers, south waterfront park

Failing that (which seems quite likely, actually), I could always indulge in some unoriginal griping about my broken refrigerator. The crib-note version: It broke down around the beginning of last week, and it turns out the repair guy needed to order the part, so it'll be at least Thursday before it'll be fixed. In the meantime, it's surprising how much of an inconvenience it is. It's uncivilized, living this way. If I had more readers at this humblest of humble blogs, someone would no doubt point out that not having a fridge is green and sustainable and saves on electricity and so forth, and that billions of people live without refrigerators (although probably not by choice), and that really I ought to feel unbearably guilty about my lazy corrupt bourgeois existence, and ideally we all ought to get by without any mechanical devices of any kind. Or something like that. To which I'll preemptively say an emphatic "Feh!" I could go on and on and try to justify why I would kind of like a working refrigerator, but this is the crib-note version, remember, and I'll reserve the full rant in case anyone hassles me.

bumblebee, south waterfront park

Since I'm not really posting about refrigerators either, I could instead post about my recent experiences playing hall monitor to keep an elderly person with Alzheimer's from wandering away. Alzheimer's is officially and indisputably the worst medical condition in the world, let me put it that way, and I think I'll leave it at that, because the more I think about it, the more I realize I actually don't want to talk about it very much. Or think about it, for that matter. So never mind about that.

geranium bud

On a rather lighter note, the Tour de France is on again. We're watching avidly, as usual, but as is usually the case with sporting events I don't actually have any profound observations to make about it. The scenery's sure nice, though.

So, um, I think I'm out of material for now. So here are a few more flowers, instead. Enjoy!


flowers, south waterfront park

flowers, south waterfront park


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