Monday, September 10, 2007

...wherein I raid the archives again...

Not much to say about this collection. I was scratching my head about a weird bug, and switched over to rifling through old(ish) photos for a bit. I found a few I'd never posted but liked enough to post, so here they are, for good or ill. Some are old, others are recent, many are of old standbys -- which probably explains why they weren't posted before, I mean, how many Lovejoy Fountain photos do I really need, for example? The answer, apparently, is "more".

lovejoy fountain

Lovejoy Fountain

More Lovejoy Fountain, like I said. The first one's recent, taken with that wide-angle doodad I keep going on about. Oh, and did I mention it was a long exposure at night? The other one's from last fall, I think, taken without any add-ons or other gimmickry at all. Either I hadn't got into experimenting yet, or I just hadn't gotten jaded. Take your pick.

rusting chunks

My metallic nemesis, Rusting Chunks No. 5, this time done wide-angle style. This was taken from right in the middle of the thing. It's cramped quarters there, with no way to take a step back, so without the new widget there's no way I could've fit all this stuff in the frame. For whatever that's worth.

sun via sunroof

In a pinch, a car sunroof makes an interesting filter.

tanner springs

tanner springs

A couple more photos from Tanner Springs.

vera katz park

The future site of "Vera Katz Park", a fancy name for the little strip of land on the north side of the Armory Theater. It's a fitting name in many ways. It's a minor adjunct to the grand dreams of a well-connected developer, and it's been delayed greatly due to cost overruns and general mismanagement.

sun from stumptown

A photo of the sky from the Stumptown Coffee downtown. I'm not sure why I like this one, exactly, but I do.


More sky, from somewhere downtown, probably. I don't recall anymore.

pearl alley

A narrow alley somewhere in the Pearl.

tanner springs marigold

tanner springs marigold

More Tanner Springs.

decaying plaster somewhere

A decaying plaster wall, somewhere in the Pearl, I think.

chimney fountain

Another pic of the Chimney Fountain.

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