Friday, July 20, 2007

friday flowers+etc. (for old times' sake?)

You probably won't believe this (or, more likely, won't care), but I haven't done one of these flower photo posts since June 11th. That's got to be a record or something, although I haven't actually checked.

I'm still not done with the mini-roadtrip photos, but sorting through them is more work than you might expect, and I'm feeling a bit surly and unmotivated right now. The weather sucks, work is utterly boring, and... well, that's the whole list actually, but it's enough.

So first off, here are a few from Tanner Springs, taken wayyy back when the sun used to shine in the summertime...

Flowers 3

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

Flowers 4

A couple from O'Bryant Square:

Flowers 5

Flowers 6

I'm not sure where these two were taken:

Flowers 7

Flowers 8

This was in a planter at Lovejoy Fountain Plaza:

Flowers 9

Flowers 10

And here's the "etc." portion of the post:



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