Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snowday!!! W00t!!!

snow, reservoir 3

One great thing about living downtown is not having to drive anywhere when it snows. So far I'm enjoying this snowstorm (ok, snowstorm by Portland standards) much more than the last one, 2 or 3 years ago. Back then I was stuck with trudging half a mile through the snow to get to the nearest MAX station. It really was uphill both ways, too. Seriously. Plus my driveway was solid ice and I couldn't drive anywhere for nearly a week, and the trains weren't always running either, something about ice building up on the wires. It was a total mess.

Now I can just walk to work if I have to. This is doubly nice right now because the downtown transit situation is quite chaotic; they moved the downtown bus mall to 3rd & 4th avenues temporarily just a couple of days ago, and the new bus routes have switched over to their new snow routes, which even the drivers are unfamiliar with. Until today I'd never ridden on a bus #43 that drove into town from near the Goose Hollow MAX stop and then turned south on Broadway, but that's what it did today. The driver said he was going to Washington Square, and I wished him luck as I exited the bus. It sounded like he needed it.

So I had a big boring meeting all morning, and then the company told everyone to go home, which was my cue to wander around town taking photos. And, as usual, I'm posting a few that I thought turned out ok. The top photo is of Reservoir 3 up in Washington Park. The walkway around the reservoir wasn't open today, unfortunately, but I suppose that's understandable. The water bureau certainly has more important things to worry about right now.

Snowflowers, Vista Bridge

SW Jefferson near Washington Park, with the Vista Bridge and a bit of downtown. The puffy bits that look like flowers are actually blobs of snow that collected on overhanging vines. I thought that looked kind of cool, so here's the photo.

early morning snow, lovejoy fountain plaza

Early morning, Lovejoy Fountain Plaza

snowboarders, lovejoy fountain plaza

Lovejoy Fountain Plaza again, early afternoon this time. With snowboarders. How cool is that?

snow, columbia river crystal

Snow on the Columbia River Crystal sculpture on SW 2nd.


Snow on the Plaza Blocks, downtown Portland.

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Anonymous said...

One of the important things the Portland Water Bureau worries about on snow days is public safety at reservoir facilities. The Washington Park Grand Staircase at Washington Park's Reservoir 3 was built in 1894 -- no handrail! Closing it during a snow event was prudent to prevent falls and slips. Thanks for the nice photo!