Monday, November 20, 2006

six pics for monday



Yes, it's yet another post full of mostly-unrelated photos. The top two are a couple of great tastes that (might) taste great together: Guinness and kumquats. I haven't actually tried this, but there's Guinness involved, so it just stands to reason. Guinness is also the reason the Guinness photo's kind of crooked.


Berries next to the newly-reopened Grand Staircase at Reservoir 3 in Washington Park.


A closeup of the base of the Lewis & Clark monument, also in Washington Park.


The sign outside the now-closed Jasmine Tree tiki bar up near PSU. The tiki gods pictured in this previous post are no longer there. Coming soon: another cookie-cutter condo tower! Hooray, PDC!


A volleyball stuck high up in a tree in Lovejoy Fountain Plaza. I don't know how it got there, but I assume it had help.

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