Wednesday, June 18, 2008

photo weekday, umpteenth edition

reflected, downtown

It seems to be a bad year for flowers. In previous years, around this point I'd be posting a new batch of flower photos every few days, or at least once a week or so. This year, not so much. I blame the weather, specifically the accursed La Nina phenomenon. It's not that I'm jaded and tired of flowers, I'm pretty sure of that much. I think.

In any case, here's a pseudorandom assortment of recent-ish pics, some with flowers, and others without them. FWIW.

flowers, lovejoy fountain plaza

hawthorne bridge at night

iris, waterfront park

contrail, infrared

reflected, downtown

fern, washington park

african daisy, soft focus

reflected, downtown

african daisy

moonlight, rusting chunks

african daisy, soft focus

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